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FREE Screening of Important Documentary on Child Bullying

The Bully Project directed by Lee Hirsch is presented as part of the Free Community Screenings at the Los Angeles Film Festival on Sunday, June 19th at 4:20pm. The Weinstein Company will open the film to mass release later this year on November 11th, but here’s your chance to come out and see it early. There are no tickets or badges necessary for this free community screening, so bring as many people as you like, just come and see this important film. If you have children, or work with children this film is the must see of the festival.

Forgive me for relying heavily on the press release, but in this case I find the statements made by the filmmakers to be abundantly true. Directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, The Bully Project is a beautifully cinematic, character-driven documentary. At its heart are those with huge stakes in this issue whose stories each represent a different facet of America’s child bullying crisis. The Bully Project follows five kids and families over the course of a school year. The stories include two families who have already lost children to suicide and a mother awaiting the fate of her 14-year-old daughter who was incarcerated for bringing a gun on to a school bus. The film provides an intimate glimpse into homes, classrooms, cafeterias and principals’ offices, offering insight into the often-cruel world of the lives of bullied children.

Bullying has always been a part of growing up, but sadly, the latest generation is experiencing a surge in bullying incidences. As teachers, administrators, kids and parents struggle to find answers, The Bully Project examines the dire consequences of bullying through the testimony of strong and courageous youth. Through the power of their stories, the film aims to be a catalyst for change in the way we deal with bullying as parents, teachers, children and society as a whole.

The film is showing at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live located at 1000 W. Olympic Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles. You can come by Metro and get off at the Pico stop on the Red or Purple lines. Or if you plan on coming with a number of people, your most economical bet is the inexpensive parking available for $8 for the day in the West Parking Garage. You’ll want to go through Gate B, which has an entrance off of Chick Hearn Ct. It doesn’t matter how you decide to get there, just get there. This is a compelling film with an issue that is important to all those who touch the lives of children. You’ll be very glad you made the effort, and likely to encourage others to do the same once you’ve seen The Bully Project.

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