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Women of Noir at North Carolina Museum of Art

Ah, the ladies of the dark genre. As beautiful as they are dangerous. Enticing, intriguing and often duplicitous. Aren’t they just the little dears, and one of the reasons that Film Noir has remained so appealing to audiences of all generations since they first appeared on the silver screen decades ago. And on the big screen, in a theater is really the only way to see them. Now thru 11/9 the North Carolina Museum of Art will be presenting a series of classic films featuring some of the most fatal femmes every seen on the silver screen. Catch Gilda Friday 9/21, Double Indemnity 11/9 and a other dangerous dames in between.

The good news is if you’re in the area of the North Carolina Museum of Art you now hove a chance to do just that. From now until November 9 you can see for yourself exactly what all the fuss is about as the museum presents The Women of Film Noir. Each movie in the series is introduced by NCMA film curator Laura Boyes or an aficionado guest presenter who will provide plenty of context and fun tidbits of inside information. Gilda, Laura, This Gun For Hire, The Big Sleep, and Chinatown among others fill the roster of this well thought out presentation.

The series plays on Fridays at 8:00pm at the Museum Auditorium in the East Building. Tickets are a mere $5 ($3.50 Students, NCMA members). When was the last time you paid that little for a night at the movies, let alone for a film sure to entertain? If you’re really gung-ho you can get yourself an NCMA Cinema series pass which is valid for 9 screenings for just $35 ($25 Students, NCMA members). Tickets are available online or by phone at (919) 715-5923. Or you can pick them up in person on the day at the Museum Box Office at the East Building, but why take the chance? Get your tickets early and be sure to show up in time for a good seat. You wouldn’t want to miss out on what very well may be your best movie-going experience of the year.

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