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Hollywood Costume at the LACMA

Although the Hollywood Costume Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art isn’t strictly theater, it sure is a good show - one you should take advantage of while it lasts. Meant to be a teaser for the coming Academy Museum several years from now, Hollywood Costume really does an exceptional job making a trip to the museum an interactive experience. It’s as good as any trip to the movies I’ve had lately and certainly far memorable. This exhibit is certainly a good forerunner for what’s to come from the highly anticipated future museum.

The LACMA in general is an amazing adventure for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. With so many out door exhibits free to whoever wonders into the surrounding park, this urban escape currently boasts the added bonus of the awesome Academy hosted exhibit, Hollywood Costume. The multi-media presentation is one that needs to be seen to be appreciated. Vintage wardrobe mixes with the moving image in an imaginative and original manner that will keep any visitor engaged if not enraptured. It truly took my breath away and left me stunned longing for the day the envisioned Academy Museum becomes a reality.

Admission is separate from the main museum, and reservations are advised, although not necessary. Groups are ushered in at fifteen to twenty minute intervals as space allows, but don’t let that rush you. As comprehensive as the exhibit is you’ll want to take your time, and perhaps even retrace your steps a few times before leaving the beautifully imagined fantasy behind you. I know I will happily spend another $20 to go again and bring plenty of friends. This is the kind of thing that I can easily see becoming a “must do” item for family and out of town guests, especially those with a longing for the glamour of old time Hollywood.

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