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ClassicFilmFan Talks About the 2016 TCMFF Lineup

TCM has finally come out with the comprehensive list of films for the upcoming Film Festival. So, as is our habit here at ClassicFilmFan we mull over the offerings and give our opinions - whether you want to hear them or not! My mom, Glenn (aka Amanda Glenn) and I spoke over the phone about the 2016 TCMFF schedule and what’s playing when. Fortunately, I recorder it so you can hear what we have to say about the lineup (just go to the Podcast page for the corresponding post to eaves drop on the conversation).

Although mom is a little raspy because of the phone connection you can still hear her pretty well. Just be sure to use Safari because it doesn’t seem to work on Chrome or FireFox as well. As you will hear, mom is much more diplomatic than I am when it comes to the lineup over all. And of course, it seems as if the screening blocks either offer very little in choices for me, or impossible decisions. Oh, TCM you’ve done it to us again!

Also available on the Podcast page is my conversation with cinema student, Bryce Vails. With the 2016 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival just around the corner it’s time to discuss what’s what with one of my favorite students who’s passion for classic films matches my own. Since he’s graduating soon, this will be Bryce’s last year as a ClassicFilmFan student correspondent. So we’re gonna make the best of it. We started by doing a blind look at the films slated to screen during the four day festival, and we recorded our conversation along the way.

Listen in on our reactions as we gauge the prestige of the roaster. No doubt some of our reactions will match your own. And if not, I can’t wait to hear your reactions on the ClassicFilmFan Facebook page. Don’t be shy. We love a good discussion. But if you've ever listened to one of our podcasts you probably figured that on your own.

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