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TCM Classic Film Festival 2011 Red Carpet

Yup, that’s me, Carrie Specht on the Red Carpet for the TCM Classic Film Festival opening night screening of “An American in Paris”. And the woman I am speaking with is child actress, Jane Withers. She’s best known for being mean (on screen) to co-star Shirley Temple, but was also in the classic “Giant”.

What can I say? So far the TCM Classic FIlm Festival has been a totally new and exceptional experience for me. Yes, I went last year, but as this year has already proven this kind of festival will always be new and exciting.

As you may have noticed from the photo above I had an envious position from which to spot and chat with many (very nearly most) of the stars that attended the opening night screening of “An American in Paris”. With few exceptions (sadly, star Leslie Caron was one of them) I was given the opportunity to chat for a few moments with people like film critic Leonard Maltin, child star Hayley Mills (and her sister Juliet Mills), Rock and Roller, Chris Isaak, and living legend Eva Marie Saint.

I even had the chance to tell TCM Weekend Host, Ben Mankiewicz how his cousin Max shot my film at NYU grad school. Likewise, he shared with me a thing or two about his rumored contract details that required him to keep his goatee for several years - it was true! He was able to shave only after his contract was renewed. Now his personal trademark may become his amazing hair. You can’t tell by the TV, but in person it is simply spectacular (and a lot like Max’s).

One of the really fun aspects of the experience was getting to know the other press correspondents assigned to space around me. Brett Waltemath from The Headliner was to my left as people came up the carpet and Liz H. Kelly (Great Life Great Love) from the National Digital Entertainment Examiner was to my right (see her video coverage - my voice is the softer one whenever subject is looking to the left). And of course Schwartzy & Pagana from LA2Day were very near by and very loud, but certainly amusing and eye catching in their get-ups as ace reporters from the 1940s. We all shared in the duties of identifying the stars as they came our way, but I think I helped them save a lot of time from having to “google” details for the older stars of whom I happen to be very fond.

There were so many great names and faces I can’t wait to share the many photos my photographer was able to capture. But right now I’m on the run between my meeting Debbie Reynolds and heading to a screening of “Girl Crazy” where Mickey Rooney will be in attendance. Some official TCM photos are up already on the Contact/Photo page, but lots more will be coming from my trusty cohort, Julia Flint, as soon as I can get them up.

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