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Hollywood Bowl Summer Lineup Aimed at Classic Film Fans

Every summer the Hollywood Bowl has a lot to offer music lovers of all types through a variety of unique programs, and the venue’s focus on classic film is not the least of these offerings with multiple sing-alongs and a night of music composed and conducted by John Williams.

The summer fun starts Friday, June 24, at 8:30PM when the Hollywood Bowl brings back one of its most popular events, the “Grease” sing-along. This fun-filled evening includes a pre-show costume parade followed by a screening of the beloved film on the Bowl’s giant screen. Audience members are encouraged to wear their best vintage clothing of the period. So don’t be shy and break out the poodle skirt and saddle shoes, or your biker jacket and shades. But most importantly, be prepared to sing your lungs out with the thousands of others who’ve been waiting the past three seasons to do the very same thing. For tickets and information just use the poster icon on the upper right hand corner of this page as a link to the official website of The Hollywood Bowl.

Be sure to check out the rest of the summer’s scheduled events by using the Hollywood Bowl icon on the upper left of this page. Later in the season there’s a presentation of Disney’s “Fantasia” accompanied by a full orchestra, a movie night trivia quiz, and a sing-along of “The Sound of Music”. But my favorite event of the summer is the John Williams night coming up in August. THe first time I went to this I has some seats way up in the back, practically in the parking lot. But I discovered that when it comes to Williams and the LA Phil it doesn’t really matter where you sit, you’re going to have a great evening listening to so many of the composer’s memorable movie theme songs. I won’t tell you, but I think you know what you can expect for the encore, and when it starts, don’t be surprised to hear the audience go crazy.

Whatever you prefer, you won’t be disappointed with a night at the Hollywood Bowl. Just remember to bring layers, a seat cushion if you you’ve got one (you can always rent one at the Bowl), and all the snacks and drinks you can carry. If you forget anything the Bowl has more than enough to offer to make up for it. But whatever you do just go. I highly encourage you to catch at least on of these unique events of the summer and do something most people in LA never do - enjoy your city!

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