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Raquel Welch in Person at Lincoln Center

Sexy is as sexy does, and in the late 1960s and well into the 70s sexy came in the form of a lanky, auburn haired beauty by the name of Raquel Welch. One of the all time greatest sex symbols the silver screen has ever known will appear live and in person in New York City at the Lincoln Center next month, February 10-14. Raquel Welch will be present at the screening of ten of her best known films to talk about her experiences and answer questions from her fans.

Next month, February 10 through the 14th, for five days the folks at the Lincoln Center Film Society will be bringing back to the big screen a showcase of some of Welch’s most memorable and popular films. These rarely screened mainstream classics will be presented on the best projection formats available. And best of all, Welch will be present to talk about the films and her enduring image as a cinema icon.

Included in the five day tribute is the one time controversial 100 Rifles, the sensational One Million BC, and the wonderfully trashy train wreck, Myra Breckenridge. For a complete schedule just use the image at the top of the page as a link to the film society’s official web page. You can buy your tickets ahead of time, or simply use the schedule as a guide for building your NetFlix list.

If you’re in New York then this is truly a rare opportunity not to be missed. For the movie going experience, for the cheesiness factor, for the sex appeal. How many stars can offer all three at the same time? Love her or hate her, you have to admire a woman who has made her way in a world that valued her for her outer beauty, and managed to come out on top by using her brains.

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