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Cinespia Screening of Young Frankenstein

The summer season may be over, but the Halloween season is just getting started. Whether you’re in the mood for something spooky, scary, or sumptuous, get in the Halloween spirit with Cinespia. Grab a picnic for a side-splitting comedy or a spine-tingling horror classic, or join the annual Halloween Costume Ball at the Los Angeles Theatre, which is sure to be the most delicious and decadent one yet! All this presented by Amazon Studios.

Screwball gets as screwy as it can get, when Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks join forces in a spoof-tacular monster mash. Saturday, October 13th the Hollywood Forever Cemetery serves as the ideal venue for Mel Brooks' 1974 Young Frankenstein, a comic spoof of the 1930s Universal classic horror film, Frankenstein.

It’s one gag after another with unrivaled funnyman Gene Wilder and a hilariously hysterical cast including Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, and Cloris Leachman. When he inherits his grandfather’s gothic castle, the "Younger" Frankenstein goes on a journey to Transylvania where meets the outlandish servants that roam the halls of the family home.

Full of wildly unforgettable characters, from the idiosyncratic Igor to the zany Frau Blucher, it’s a fast speed, banter contest (much in the maNnner of the screw-ball comedies of the late 1930s to early 40s) until Frankenstein learns the secret to reanimation and unleashes a new monster. This loving send-up of the horror genre plays this Halloween will having you rolling during one of this year's last screenings at the cemetery.

If you've never been to an outdoor screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery then this is the one you've got to have be your introduction to one of the most beloved cinematic experiences in the Los Angeles area. After this one time, you'll be hooked and wanting more! Use the above image as a link to the official Cinespia site to secure tickets. Be forwarned, tickets sell out FAST!

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