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Noir City Hollywood: 21st Annual LA Festival of Film Noir

The 1950s have been presented as a relatively conservative era in American history, and mainstream Hollywood cinema reflected that perspective with films celebrating wholesome values and the nuclear family. But there was a darker side too. One that began in the 40's and continued into the next era with full force. Although it was not labeled as such at the time, the style later earned its own Genre title, known as Film Noir. Fortunately that niche of cinema has been preserved by the Film Noir Foundation, and lucky for film fans, they like to show off their work annually. So, get your self a dark, mysterious (potentially dangerous) companion who likes to explore the shadier side of the silver screen and dive into the 2019 edition of NOIR CITY: HOLLYWOOD. Once agin the series plays at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. So, local cinemaphiles have no excuse not to come and experience the rush through a lens, darkly, of a turbulent and transitional time in American history, culture, and cinema. In its 21st year, NOIR CITY: HOLLYWOOD returns for a 10-night feast of danger, desire and despair.

As expected, Eddie Muller (the "Czar of Noir") host of TCM’s popular Noir Alley series, will join his Film Noir Foundation colleague Alan K. Rode to lead audiences on a fun and fascinating excursion through “Hollywood’s only organic artistic movement.”

Picking up where the left off last year, the ten day program

continues the chronological pairings of “A” and “B” films from the 1940s. The double feature lineups offer viewers a slate of films that tracks noir through the declining studio system and into a fresh cinematic landscape where noir was refashioned, both subtly and radically, for a new generation.

Films included in the lineup are Trapped, The File of Thelma Jordan, Appointment with Danger, Shadow on the Wall, Sudden Fear, The Narrow Margin (a personal favorite), City That Never Sleeps, 99 River Street, Play Girl, Hell's Half Acre, The Big Combo, Black Day at Black Rock, A Kiss Before Dying, The Harder They Fall (a MUST see), The Midnight Story, The Monkey on My Back, Touch of Evil, Elevator to the Gallows, I Want to Live, and Cry Tough.

The "Big Boss" sponsor of the series is the Warner Archive. The "Gumshoe" sponsors include Hoccomocco Productions, and the MONA (Museum of Neon Art). The film selections are compiled by Eddie Muller, Alan K. Rode and Gwen Deglise. Program notes by Alan K. Rode and Eddie Muller. All screenings are to be hosted by Eddie Muller and/or Alan K. Rode of the Film Noir Foundation! All screenings to take place at Egyptian Theatre Friday, Mar 29 - Sunday, Apr 7, 2019.

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