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Comic-Con Museum Education Center

If you are a Comic-Con fan and believe that the history and future of related art forms is important, then you need to be aware of the efforts being made by the Comic-Con Museum to continue providing the resources to carry out such a mission. With the proliferation and cultural impact comics have made to society, it is more than about time that its relevance be recognized and preserved for future generations. Very much like television and movies.

The Comic-Con Museum community is a strong and generous one. With the help of incredible supporters, they have reached 52% of their current fundraising goal for the Education Center. And with continued support at any level, they will move closer to realizing the vision of a permanent location where the power of pop culture learning is available to everyone. It may seem like the push for such an organized facility is trivial, however, like any fad culture that develops a staying power, it transitions into a permanent force in society, so is important to recognize its influence and preserve its history. Surprise, surprise: Comic book culture has long established itself as just that.

The contributions provide important funds needed to renovate the center, outfit the classrooms with furniture, equipment, ever-changing technology, and much needed supplies. The center also offers dynamic in-person and online programs for visitors of all ages. Which to me, it seems to be an ideal bonding opportunity for parents and their offspring of any age, let alone another activity to keep the kids busy during holiday and summer breaks.

There was a time when I didn't get my husband's compulsion for Comic-Con. I assumed he was just another over-aged fanatical struggling to hold onto the memories of childhood and the escapism that the yearly event provided. I have reluctantly put up with the overwhelming amount of paraphernalia, mementoes and toys collected over the years in order to make him happy. Of course, a garage full of these items and a spare bedroom devoted to showcasing his favorite baubles and do-dads has helped tremendously.

Eventually, my husband convinced me to attend a convention with him, and the experience completely won me over. Never had I seen so many people experience and express their love for a singular aspect of pop culture in one place. I quickly realized that this singular aspect was for more reaching and pervasive than I imagined, and in fact, is directly connected, influenced and influencing every other art form known. Every other art form! We're talking books, painting, television, video games, music, theater, of course, movies, and so many other things too numerous to list. Wide-spread recognition and appreciation is long overdo.

By supporting the museum with your donation you will help the center buy art supplies and equipment, provide student access to the museum, as well as resources for teachers, and cover the cost of school field trips and classroom upgrades. Be apart of this cultural education and support the best the Comic-Con world has to offer.


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