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Hasbro’s 30th Season of Power Rangers

Hasbro announces the 30th season of the global franchise Power Rangers. Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury is now filming in New Zealand and will debut in 2023.

For the first time since the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993, the current cast of Power Rangers: Dino Fury will, in its entirety, be returning for a third season. Fans will remember that when last seen the team confronted an army of powerful alien beings unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it. The team of Power Rangers, fueled by the prehistoric power of the dinosaurs (no kidding), were recruited to deal with the threat. Now, the adventure continues in this next installment with the team heading out to space - how else are you going to top dinosaurs?

Returning cast members include Russell Curry as the Red Ranger, Hunter Deno as the Pink Ranger, Jordon Fite as the Gold Ranger, Kai Moya as the Blue Ranger, Chance Perez as the Black Ranger, and Tessa Rao as the Green Ranger. Cosmic Fury will also see a return of those responsible for the running of the show, which really tells you a lot in the belief in and strength of the program. “Since the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, this team of Power Rangers has broken the mold of the franchise in many ways, so it is exciting and humbling to be able to continue the story of these characters in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury,” said Simon Bennett. "Power Rangers Dino Fury Season 2 ends with some big revelations, and we’re so grateful to Hasbro and eOne that we get to continue to tell these stories in a brand new way.”

Power Rangers is one of the longest-running kids’ live-action series in television history, with more than 900 episodes aired to date. It was launched in 1993 and has enjoyed a steady worldwide fan base and legacy ever since. It has become a childhood rite of passage to which kids, their parents, and even their grandparents can relate. Besides Sesame Street and the Electric Company, how many kid shows can you say that about?


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