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  • Steve Vertlieb

Remembering Olivia de Havilland

From her starring roles with Errol Flynn in The Sea Hawk, Captain Blood, Charge of The Light Brigade, They Died With Their Boots On, Dodge City, and, of course, the iconic, definitive re-telling of the Robin Hood legend, The Adventures of Robin Hood, to her Oscar winning performances in To Each His Own, and The Heiress, Olivia De Havilland wore her crown well, possessed of dignity and culture befitting the golden years of Hollywood.

She was deservedly beloved by countless generations of film goers, and carved out a place for herself that few other actors ever came near to achieving. Yet, time stops for no one and so, at the fragile age and plateau of 104 years, as it must to all mortal creatures, death came to Olivia De Havilland. She was, and so shall remain, an original and, joyfully, one of a kind.

With her passing, however, we mourn and remember not only a gracious actress and lady, but a period of classic motion picture making whose like we shall never see again... a period of gallant gentlemen and their gracious ladies fair... a time of swashbucklers and screen nobility... a revered moment in time when the world and we seemed forever young. Look for it only in soft whispers, within the cherished pages of history, for it has passed inevitably into the gently swept corridors of memory, and has at last Gone With The Wind.


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