Carrie Specht
Jul 9, 2017

My First Film Festival



The first film festival I ever attended was the SanFrancisco Internationsl Film Festival in 1991 or 92. I didn't actually see any of the competitive films, because I had gone to see a classic - Spartacus! Two of my fellow SFSU Film majors had dragged me to it, but I was thrilled that they had! Can you imagine seeing Sprtacus for the first time on the big screen? I left thinking all film festivals everywhere showed only old movies. They don't. But more and more of them have added special screenings for the devoted classic film fans. Be sure to check the listings. There's always at least one, and the theater really is the best way to see movies for the first time. Especially epics, and especially epics with larger than life actors in larger than life roles.