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TCMFF 2013 Wrap Up

The four-day TCM Classic Film Festival has run its course, and although it closed on Sunday I (and many others) still bask in the glory that was. Or should I say we suffer from withdraw? Because for a classic movie fan this really is the closest thing to heaven... till next year.

What can I say? A full week has passed since the opening day and I’m still coming down from the four day high provided by Turner Classic Movies and their annual Classic Film Festival (known as the TCMFF). This is not an uncommon experience. Everyone I know who has ever been to the best on-screen celebration of classic cinema experiences the same sensation. And inevitably they make plans to return the following year in order to pay homage to the popular art form they love!

My personal take on the weekend event (a long weekend that begins Thursday evening) is a little different than most, but not terribly so. I do get a little more up close and personal because of my Media pass, but honestly I’m just as in awe and fascinated by the screenings and star sightings as anyone else. In fact, I’m not ashamed to say that I tend to gush when placed face to face with someone with whom I admire for their work in the film industry. I can’t help it. But that’s the wonderful thing about the TCMFF - you are encouraged to gush, and stare and openly express your admiration. Not only is this a place for the fans to be fanatics but it is a place for the stars to be adored. Especially those whose brighter days were of another era.

When it comes to the dedicated viewers of TCM no star is ever forgotten. Nor is there such a thing as a second banana, let alone a “B” movie or even a dividing line between audience and filmmakers. At the TCMFF we are all united as fans of the movies playing up on the big screens. TCM recognizes this fact and provides an opportunity for the adored and the adorers to come together for a mutually beneficial celebration. That is what is known as the TCMFF community. It’s completely palpable. The moment you arrive you know you are among like minded people and can hold a conversation about your favorite topic with others who get it.

That’s exactly what I did. Not only with the stars of the red carpet (check out my latest pics on the Photos page), but with each and every person I stood next to in line or sat next to in the theaters. Just as I have done every year I kept a journal and wrote down the names of the people I met so I could remember the full experience more vividly, even relive the conversations with the many fascinating people I met who traveled from all over the country (even the world) to attend the Forth Annual TCMFF. Young and old, couples and individuals, even family members who came from different points, they all gathered here for the same purpose and I don’t wont to forget a single one of them.

And when I run into them again at a future festival we will greet each other like family, cherishing the memories we have of when we met, experiencing a feeling similar to the one we get when we watch a favorite movie on TCM. Yes, you better believe I’ll be back next year, but in the mean time I have to hurry home and see what’s on TCM. I’d like to tell you more about the festival, but it will have to wait until my next post. I don’t want to keep my friends waiting.

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