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Cinefamily Screenings Discounted via Goldstar

If you don’t already know about Goldstar now is the perfect time to get to know it and the many discounts it offers for all sorts of cultural events happening in and around the Los Angeles area. The online discount venue provides savings (often substantial) on just about anything and everything, far beyond what you might think. This week, some half price tickets to the Silent Movie Theatre caught my eye.

Besides tickets to the latest Broadway export, Goldstar is tapped into movie screens new and old, and among its many venues is The Silent Movie Theatre. The Silent Movie Theatre offers a lot more than its name might suggest. As home to The Cinefamily film society the theater screens a variety of classic subjects from all areas of cinema’s rich history. You can go to the organization’s official website to check out their calendar of upcoming events (Cinefamily link). And when you find something you like be sure to check and see if Goldstar offers a discounted ticket.

In this week and the next the online discount venue has half price tickets for a variety of shows at the Theatre on Fairfax, including a night of Tex Avery cartoons, a Lillian Gish silent film, and an early documentary by Martin Scorsese among other offerings. What would usually cost $10 a seat is available for just $5. I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies for five bucks! For that price you have the luxury of trying new things you’ve never thought of doing. Like seeing cartoons or a silent film on an honest to goodness movie screen. You know, like they were meant to be seen.

And the Silent Movie Theatre is an exceptional theater for viewing the classics. It’s doesn’t offer all the frills of a multi-screen cineplex, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere. The space is simply dripping with old time charm and feels just like the independent theater of a small towns, much like the ones I grew up going to in Santa Cruz like The Sash Mill. I’ll take a movie screen of any kind any where for old movies, but it sure enhances the experience when you feel like what you’re seeing is HOW you might have seen it in years gone by. This feeling is provided by the Silent Movie Theatre in spades.

Regardless of where you go on your next night out be sure to check in at Goldstar before you invest your hard earned cash. It may not always be a huge amount you keep in your pocket, but why spend more when you don’t have to? The money you save can buy you a bag of popcorn!

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