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What To Watch: March on TCM

Every month you can count on Turner Classic Movies to provide a cornucopia of film attractions for cinema fans to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes, or through their choice of viewing device. And every month there is some particular programming they like to showcase. Always interesting, and always varied, TCM does its best to keep their schedule fresh and intriguing. I know I always find something that peaks my interest and draws me into a new viewing experience I would otherwise miss. The following are just a few highlights offered in the month of March, 2020.

Come Tuesday, March 3rd, TCM once again partners with the African-American Film Critics Association to present a night of movies celebrating the black experience onscreen. The African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) is a group that celebrates excellence among black filmmakers and gives various annual awards for excellence in movies and television. This month, the AAFCA showcase is devoted to outstanding documentaries designed to prompt feelings of hope and inspiration. TCM host Alicia Malone is joined by entertainment journalist and AAFCA member KJ Matthews to discuss these documentaries, which includes a film I worked on fresh out of college as an intern, Freedom on My Mind (1994) and Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963).

On Tuesday, March 10th TCM presents Under Appreciated Songwriters. Host, Dave Karger is joined by singer/pianist/archivist Michael Feinstein ( nicknamed the Ambassador of the Great American Songbook) to offer a night of films championing songwriters from classic Hollywood. The songs of Sam Coslow and Harry M. Woods are featured in the TCM premiere of It’s Love Again (1936) starring Robert Young (Crossfire) and Jessie Matthews (Tom Thumb). As a multi-platinum-selling, five-time Grammy-nominated recording artist, Feinstein really knows his stuff. He frequently performs in concert, and currently serves as Artistic Director for the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel, Indiana. The films he has selected for the evening celebrate the unsung heroes of the Golden Age of Hollywood. These are the artists who never became household names, but deserve attention all the same. And here's your chance to do so.

Mondays in March is set aside for the TCM Spotlight: Life at Sea. The nautical themed collection explores the world of movies set on the high seas. Whether calm waters or choppy waves, a life on the ocean in movies is often filled with adventure and drama. This month's spotlight features more than 50 films that explore the, many facets of life on water. Of course there's gonna be an Errol Flynn movie or two, which always gets my attention. And no doubt you'll be surprised by the many other classic film faces that show up as pirates, captains or seaman, as well as "seawomen".

So there you go. You can't possibly say, "there's nothing to watch on TV," this month. TCM has taken care of that. And of course there's the rest of the schedule for the month too. So go get watching!


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