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Movie Night at The Wiltern: Disney's Lady and the Tramp

This summer, the legendary concert and event venue, The Wiltern in Los Angeles, will be screening three Disney animated classics. The Lion King and Toy Story have already played, but you can still catch Lady and the Tramp Sunday, August 19. The screening starts at 3pm and the doors at 2:30pm. So, come early and take advantage of the themed photo ops, face painting, and coloring stations. And kids under three get in for free! Yummy food, soft drinks and adult beverages are also available for purchase.

Built in 1931, The Wiltern was originally designed as a vaudeville theater and initially opened as the Warner Brothers Western Theater. It was known as the flagship for the studio's theater chain. Alongside exclusive movie and short-film screenings, the venue has become synonymous with legendary performances by a revolving cast of upcoming acts and established superstars. As one of the world's finest examples of Art Deco architecture, the building is now permanently protected by the Los Angeles Conservancy as an historical landmark. A visit here is a double punch experience with pop culture and art deco architecture rolled into one.

I think Lady and the Tramp is the first movie I ever saw. Or at least the first one I remember seeing. My parents took me and my siblings to the Drive-In theater (The Sky-View n Santa Cruz) where my dad parked the station wagon backwards so we could watch from the comfort of our rolled out sleeping bags. I also remember we were all allowed to get one soda each. Mine was grape. The sound system was particularly bad back in those days, but I don't remember being bothered by it. I don't remember anything else in particular except for the spaghetti scene. It's most likely to be the one seen remembered nest by all. Perhaps it's because of the silly situation (dogs eating spaghetti!), or the romance of the accidental kiss, but I think I remember it best because Lady and Tramp are so surprised by their unintended action. It's quite an adorable moment. A moment that should be shared with family.

Movie Night at the Wiltern is a General Admission seated event. You can purchase tickets at the Hollywood Palladium every Saturday from 10am-2pm without service charges subject to availability. But the box office is not open during holiday weekends, so be sure to check your calendar before you make the trip. You can also check ticket availability by calling (213) 531-0588.

The Wiltern has a 4.0 star rating with 798 reviews on Yelp. The theatre is located at 3790 Wilshire Blvd, 90010. Their phone number is (213) 388-1400, and tickets are just $7.00 - $20.00 . All in all, it sounds like a pretty great movie-going experience for families and anyone else who likes a good old Disney classic as seen on a movie screen. I think that's just about everyone I know.

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