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MPTF Community News is Encouraging

The Motion Picture Television Fund is an organization created many years ago to help those who work in the industry. The services provided range from the simplest of needs to the more elaborate requirements of elder care. I myself turned to the Fund for a short-term loan when I was first starting out in the industry and needed help making ends meet between regular employments. The Fund was there when I needed them, and hopefully it will be there if I ever need them again.

Unfortunately, the Retirement Community up at the Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills has received a lot of attention in the past few years due to financial concerns over the long-term care facilities. Fortunately, the powers that be have been listening and are doing everything they can to redirect their efforts into maintaining a facility on site, and provide support for those who seek care outside the community.

For a while now, the Motion Picture Television Fund’s CEO Bob Beitcher has been writing a weekly blog. He uses the social media tool to reach the industry as well as the community as a whole to publicly address the many concerns surrounding the operation of the Fund and the Wasserman Campus in particular. In his latest blog, Beitcher talks about the concern (let alone controversy) over the rumors regarding the future of the MPTF's long-term care facility and the retirees who use it. Although the initial reports of an eminent closure were admittedly mishandled, the MPTF, Beitcher and all those involved have taken strides to not only avoid such PR mishaps, but to ensure the organization’s continued commitment to keeping the facility operating.

If you work in the industry, know someone who does, or just share an interest in helping those who have given their lives to the entertainment world I urge you to check out the latest blog (link), even follow it for the latest updates, and take a good look at the Fund’s website as a whole. The site discusses everything the Fund does, and provides a variety of ways for one to donate there time or money. If you have the inclination you just might find a fun and interesting way to give back to those who have already given you so much through there contributions to your entertainment.

The original controversy involving the possible closure of the long-term facility inspired me to start my own project, Classic Visions, a book to benefit the MPTF. But in the meantime I hope to give some time to the volunteer program. The next volunteer orientation is at the end of this month on October the 30th (check out the site for more details). I have no idea what I might be doing, but I look forward to contributing to the lives of the brothers and sisters of my industry who came before me.

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