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Street Food Cinema Welcomes "Dirty Dancing" Star Jennifer Grey

Street Food Cinema invites guests this Saturday, September 2nd to experience incredible food trucks and cinematic joy at two locations across Los Angeles. Special guest Jennifer Grey will be in attendance for the screening of Dirty Dancing at the Will Rogers State Historic Park in Los Angeles. Just across town on the same day Street Food Cinema welcomes Jaws to Victory Park in Pasadena. As fun as the experience is in and of itself, this weekend you'll get the added pleasure of knowing that a portion of the day's profits will be going to the Red Cross for hurricane victims in Houston. This gesture is in honor of Dirty Dancing's male lead and Houston hometown boy, Patrick Swayze.

As a matter of fact, the Street Food Cinema founders have strong family ties to the Red Cross and Houston. Founder, Steve Allison was raised in Houston and he still has family in the community. And co-founder Heather Hope-Allison has had a strong family bond with the Red Cross since 1993 when the local Red Cross assisted her family after their house fire in Ohio. In fact, one of Hope-Allison’s first events was a Red Cross fundraiser. So, if you've never experienced Street Food Cinema, now would be a great time to check it out and feel good about helping others while doing it. It's a win-win opportunity!

If you would like to indulge with some more inclusive Street Food Cinema, the team is going all night celebrating the 30th anniversary of Lost Boys September 30th at the incredible King Gillette Ranch in Malibu! Street Food Cinema, the ultimate movie experience evolves into an unforgettable camping experience right in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains, just above Malibu. This summer night retreat brings to life the classic elements of everyone’s beloved favorite including Santa Carla Carnival games, vampire training, karaoke, and 80's music videos celebration. Check-in opens at 3:30 pm with the band performing at 6:30, and the movie starting at 8:30. The post move activities (including Photo booth, lounge with DJ, scavenger hunt hike, s’mores, and more) start at 10:30. And the next morning there's even a catered breakfast.

Be sure to check out the Street Food Cinema website for details and information on future screenings.

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