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AFI Movie Club Launches Tomorrow!

The American Film Institute (AFI) is making the best of our current world-wide situation by providing the general public access to their collection of Classic Films for everyone, everywhere to watch. And to make things even better, each film will be introduced by a well-known celebrity. Actors, filmmakers, designers, comedians, and more will share their own personal connection to the curated films through pre-recorded introductions that include fun facts, and family-friendly discussion points. Some posts even contain the extra bonus of additional reflections from the AFI Archive to enrich your viewing experience.

It seems only fitting that The Wizard of Oz be the inaugural film to launch the series. The 1939 classic is perhaps the most famous and best loved family film ever made and offers a sense of comfort like no other film can. The incredibly talented Judy Garland stars as Dorothy with an unparalleled cast of supporting actors fleshing out the fantasy and wonder of the land of Oz. The film also features the #1 song on AFI’s Top 100 Songs and is #3 on AFI’s Top 100 Musicals. With such an auspicious beginning, I can't wait to see what else AFI has coming. In this time when we are reminded “There’s no place like home,” AFI has created a global, virtual gathering for those who love movies.

The AFI Movie Club hopes to bring some inspiration and entertainment during this time when it’s needed more than ever. As a non-profit, they are a member-powered organization, which depends on the support of movie fans. If you would like to be one of those who support the AFI Movie Club which provides a sense of community to anyone who needs it, please consider becoming a member or donating. Not only will your contribution help keep the Movie Club operating, it will go to support the work of the archive. Films made on actual film stock are endangered of literally disintegrating before our eyes. The American Film Institute works to restore these treasured pieces of art for generations of descendants to come.

So, watch, share and enjoy the experience of viewing the best of the art form from the comfort of your own home. The AFI Movie Club may be the best thing you could hope for to bring you and your loved ones together while apart. Start by visiting the AFI Movie Club webpage to find out how to view daily films and exclusive content from the AFI Archive. I'll see you at the movies!

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