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Introducing Cinespia Channel

The recently christened Cinespia Channel is the latest streaming outlet for watching some favorite classic films. Immediately available now on Amazon Prime, members have access to exploring hidden gems and well loved classics through the magic of viewing on demand.

Cinespia is a long established Los Angeles film society that screens classic films throughout the year to hundreds of thousands of audience members all over LA. With over 30 events per year, the organization hosts screenings under the stars at many iconic venues including The Hollywood Forever Cemetery and The Greek Theatre. They also produces private screenings, fundraisers, concerts, television and film premieres year-round outdoors and at the beautifully restored Art Deco movie palaces in the historic downtown theatre district. The upcoming 2021 season (presented by Amazon Studios) marks the 20th anniversary of the first and longest running outdoor screening series in Southern California.

There's nothing like watching a classic film in the great outdoors, especially in the summer. It's a unique experience that evokes a feeling of nostalgia for an idelic moment in small-town America that may or may not have existed in our childhood.

Add a blancket and a picnic and you've got the makings of a fantastic summer memory. Unfortunately, those magical moments have been placed on hold this year. The pandemic has imposed the necessity to think beyond "business as usual". And rather than postpone everything to an undetermined date, Cinespia has pushed forward in order to continue doing the thing they love doing best.

Even though we can't all meet under the stars for now, the newly developed Cinespia Channel provides a new resource for movie lovers to view the classics in the comfort of their own homes. With everything from slumber party favorites to Hollywood masterpieces, visionary black cinema, and cherished childhood classics, Cinespia has curated gems and spellbinding must-sees that will bring some of that magic of th eold silver screen into your very home. It's as simple as clicking through the viewing guide accessable by using the link in the image above. If you aren't a Prime Video member, you can sign up for a free trial and see what makes Cinespia so special.

If you want to know more about when you can once again watch movies at the cemetery, visit the "How To" page for FAQs. On the same page you can also join the Cinespia mailing list, and use links to follow Cinespia on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updates on current and future events. In the mean time Cinespia wants their fans to stay safe and enjoy the sensation that only the summer movie going experience can bring you - wherever your seat may be.


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