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50th Anniversary screening of THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD

At the Aero Theatre this Saturday, February 17th at 5:00 PM, three of the most renowned visual effects wizards of all time will join master special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen in providing a live commentary during the screening of the fantasy classic masterpiece.

Harryhausen authority and film historian Arnold Kunert will moderate this unique event as Oscar-winners Dennis Muren (Star Wars), Phil Tippett (Starship Troopers) and Randall William Cook (Lord of the Rings) join the 87-year old film legend in providing a running commentary to perhaps the most influential, and ground breaking fantasy film of all time, enabling all other special effects laden movies to come.

This forerunner of the special effects spectacular follows the adventures of Sinbad as he battles a phenomenal array of Ray Harryhausen-created monsters including the giant Cyclops, two-headed birds, dragons and sword-fighting skeletons, all to save a beautiful princess. Although today’s less informed and over stimulated filmgoers will likely deem the overall presentation dated or even laughable, one cannot help but acknowledge the vision and skill of the craftsmen who created such impressive effects devoid of any computer assistance. This is truly a rare opportunity to hear the tales of a specific craft’s artistic development straight from the mouth of the man who virtually created that craft, and hear from the men who continue to redefine it. Other guest commentators include actors Katheryn Grant Crosby, John Philip Law, and Joan Taylor, and composer Bernard Herrmann’s biographer Steven C. Smith. Questions and comments from the theatre audience are expected and encouraged.

In addition to the film presentation the illustration gallery Every Picture Tells a Story (right across the street from the Aero Theatre) will host a reception prior to the screening, which will include a book signing for Ray Harryhausen and a display of original production drawings from Mr. Harryhausen’s many fantasy epics featuring a brand new, limited edition print of Sinbad and the Bat People. This is a rare work, created for the film, but never realized. For more information about the events at Every Picture Tells a Story contact or (310) 451-2700. The gallery is located at 1311-C Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA 90403. You can visit the gallery’s website at Egyptian Theatre updates are posted at

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