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Watch TCM App

Watch TCM is an online resource for watching Turner Classic Movies anytime, anywhere. The popular cable station has recently gone all 21st century and added an online outlet for those who wish to stay connected to their favorite classic films from wherever they may be. Access includes two live channels of TCM and hundreds of on demand movies. With so much available whenever you want it, there’s no reason to ever miss out on seeing what you want when you want to.

To get started just use the picture above as a link to the website. Once there you’ll set up an account (free of charge), authenticating through your cable or satellite provider (sadly, this is still not available thru TimeWarner cable - boo). The interactive schedule provides a two month heads up on what’s playing when, and includes up to the minute changes that may come along.

As you might expect, TCM provides in-depth background information on every title playing. Their database (TCMDb) tends to be a lot more reliable than the internet movie database (IMDb) and covers a lot more too with detailed biographies, image galleries, clips and trailers. It’s really a very thorough resource for the classic movie fan who likes to stay well connected in a very modern way. In fact I would be surprised if some viewers switch completely to the online venue as their preferred method of enjoying the classics. In a way, there’s something very “Metropolis” about it. Which makes me think it was destined to be.

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