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Classic Film To Kill a Mockingbird Back on the Big Screen

The TCM Event Series presents the academy award winning film To Kill a Mockingbird in a special one night only salute. The film that earned Gregory Peck his one and only Oscar as Best Actor will appear in movie theaters all across the country in celebration of the its 50th anniversary.

NCM Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies and Universal Pictures have combined forces once again for the fourth installment of the TCM Event Series. This time the collaboration is in honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the timeless and much beloved film To Kill A Mockingbird starring the immensely popular and ruggedly handsome Gregory Peck. This not to be missed classic will be shown in select movie theaters nationwide for only one day on Thursday, November 15th. So, be sure to check your listings and get your tickets now. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to see a great American movie on the screen in which it was originally intended - the big silver one.

This isn’t just your ordinary screening, the film has been newly restored by Universal as part of their 100th Anniversary. In addition to a beautiful new presentation quality TCM Weekend Daytime Host Ben Mankiewicz will be providing a pre-recorded introduction, taking the audience behind the scenes to hear stories about what it took to turn Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize Winning novel into a movie and why Gregory Peck felt it was a role he couldn’t pass up. Mankiewicz will also introduce select interviews from the TCM Archives featuring key people involved in the film’s original production. It’s gonna be like an extended TCM intro/promo where you get to see all the really neat stuff classic film fans love to lap up. And from a movie theater seat with all the comforts of movie candy, fountain sodas and hot buttered popcorn - just the right atmosphere for the screening of true cinematic gem.

The film is based on Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize winning story about a humble but noble small town lawyer in the rural south of the 1930s who defends a black man on trial for the rape of a white woman. As sensational as the story sounds it is really a very quiet tale told through the eyes of the lawyer’s seven year old tom-boy daughter as remembered by her as an adult. With all the lovely tones of found remembrance with out the needless sentiment, To Kill a Mockingbird is a film to be seen again and again, and will be cherished all the deeper upon repeat viewings. I urge you not to miss this special event as as it returns to cinema screens nationwide for only one night, tonight November 15th! That’s tonight!

To find out where in your neighborhood the film will be showing, and to get you tickets go to the official site. Naturally there are only so many seats, so buy your tickets now!

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