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The Best of Warner Bros.

I have a collection of all the Best Picture winners produced at Columbia Pictures. I love that collection. Not only is it very convenient to have all these films in one place, it’s also so much easier to buy one box set rather than hunting down the individual DVDs and buying them one at a time. If only all of the old studios would be so accommodating. Well, Warner Bros is. You can get a box set called The Best of Warner Bros 20 Film Collection: Best Pictures. Besides having all of the best picture winners the studio produced from Broadway Melody in 1929 thru The Departed in 2006, you also get the Best Picture winner of 1939, Gone with the Wind, which was independently produced by David O. Selznick but later purchased by Warner Bros.

If you happen to be a particularly big fan of the studio built by four immigrant brothers around the turn of the twentieth century there’s a more inclusive collection called The Best of Warner Bros 50 Film Collection. And for the classic film devotee there’s The Best of Warner Bros 100 Film Collection, which includes the most popular films the studio ever released. Many of the Best Picture winners produced by Warner Bros. are in both of these larger collections, but not all. So, be sure to check the list of films in each not only to be sure that you get the films you’re looking for but to avoid getting duplicates.

My choice would be for the 100, but that is a lot of money at almost $400. The Best Picture set goes for the much more reasonable cost of around $80. Oddly enough if you break it down you actually get a better deal per film with the smaller collection at about $3.55 each vs. $3.86. You’ll also want to keep your eyes open for deals. It seems like Amazon has one or another of the sets on sale every other week. Either way, you’re going to get a great collection with a ton of iconic films representing the best a studio like Warner Bros has to offer. And that’s pretty good.

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