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Black Friday Classic Film Deals

Every year Black Friday gets bigger and bigger. No matter what the state of the economy (or maybe perhaps the worse it gets) people want a bargain. And come this Friday, if the analysts are right, you’re going to see more bargains than ever before. Especially on electronic goods. And where there’s electronics there’s DVDs. Lots and lots of the popular titles will be pilled high right next to the DVD players, the Plasma TVs, as well as the check out stand.

But this year you don’t have to wait until Friday to find plenty of great deals already available online. These deals use to be limited to what has become known as Cyber Monday, but online vendors have gotten wise and made way for the special discounts BEFORE Thanksgiving rather than waiting for the leftovers after the Friday madness. I don’t know what’s taken them so long to figure this out, but if all goes well everyone, shoppers and retailers alike, will reap the benefits.

You may already have your Friday shopping plans all staked out, but from now until then be sure to check on the deals going on across the internet right now. Especially if your a movie fan. For example, TODAY is the last day to take advantage of special discount pricing from the Warner Archive (although, I suspect they may have more deals later in the season). You can pick up some of your favorite Warner Bros. classics at 25% off, which is a pretty good deal considering their pricing to begin with. And TCM is having a Black Friday Preview with many of the all time classic holiday films on sale. Of course you don’t want to forget Amazon (link above). The mega online merchandise provider is having a Black Friday Deals Week that covers everything. Just use the link above to take you to the site and roam from there to find discounts on DVDs, power tools, kitchen appliances, and everything else Amazon has to offer.

Whatever your preferred method of shopping, just remember to keep your eyes open for the real bargains. And watch out for those hidden shipping charges. If it’s a real deal shipping should be included. But don’t shy away from the bulk purchases for free shipping either. Just keep your calculator handy, and if you buy enough without getting carried away the deal often works out to be worth it. Here’s to a fun and successful shopping season!


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