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Blade Runner 2049: Review

Before I watched Blade Runner 2049 (a sequel based on the old Blade Runner movie starring Harrison Ford), I never was interested in super futuristic movies such as Alien: Covenant, Interstellar or Avatar. These films express a similar futuristic story; they focus on the future domination of other planets and either the humans are the protagonist or antagonist. However, Blade Runner 2049 is enriched with the possible, well a likely future of human race. The story of Blade Runner 2049 is about a semi-human robot, officer K, a.k.a. the 2049 Blade Runner (Ryan Gosling) who struggles to find out whether he is a real human or a robot with fake memories implanted in his programming. In the movie, the antagonist isn’t really the biggest threat to officer K, it is officer K struggling to find his true self.

The movie is set in the year of 2049, in Los Angeles. In the film, it perfectly provides an unforeseen perspective of the future of the human race and a lot of sense about our future with the robots. It defines a harsh world in the future, where the robots have no equal rights as humans. As the movie goes on, it makes more sense about what will happen. Honestly, the movie was hard to understand at first as there was too much information that we had to digest. I felt that the director (Dennis Villeneuve) was intentionally tossing a lot of information into the movie, trying to persuade the audience to understand how harsh the environment is in his cinematic world.

In my opinion, the CGI effects in the movie are literally the best in all the films I had ever watched. The magnificent imagery of the future world is rich in colors and meaning. The snowing environment, the advance city of LA, and the mind-blowing architectural buildings combine smoothly and exquisitely. Everything in the film looks real and authentic, but still there are scenes that I say are useless because the story has a slow pace. There are scenes that exist simply to depict the world in the future, wasting time as well as lessening the persuasiveness of the film's overall impact. In fact, this movie consumes two hours and forty-three minutes, which is rather long.

On the other hand, I considered the sound effects to be terrific! The smooth transition between tense to relaxing moments is just extraordinary. The sound effects impressively redesign each scene, providing authenticity to the overall feeling, as if the movie is alive. Although, some sound effects felt over dramatic, the sound mix supported the film so that the audience easily understands the situation, engaging them to keep watching. Furthermore, the smooth transition of sound between different scenes prevents the movie from tearing apart. And the cuts between scenes are flawless. The timing is perfect making the cuts virtually seamless. I love how scenes changed smoothly from action to silence and that the timing is conducted with exact precision.

Last but not least, the casts was picked very wisely. Ryan Gosling’s acting is spectacular and the mixture of him and Harrison Ford is flawless. The chemistry between them makes the movie worth watching. Although, there's not much talking, the impressive acting of both actors is enough to describe the situation. I love how these actors attract many people and impart their particular influence on the film. Overall, I believe that the film was perfectly made due to the flawless acting, the precision of the cuts, and most importantly the sound effects. Blade Runner 2049 is a fantasy, sci-fi movie that gives an extraordinary picture of the human race in the near future. I strongly suggest you watch this movie if you love sci-fi. I promise you that this film will not disappoint you.

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