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How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Review

“On a tiny snowflake floating through the air, exists the town of Who-ville, home of the Whos.” It is that time of the year again. Where the families sit around the tv and watch Christmas movies with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands. As they wait for the turkey to be cooked. I am sure every family has their own favorite Christmas movie, for mine, its How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring no other than the very talented Jim Carrey. Directed by Ron Howard, this live adaptation of Dr. Suess's How the Grinch Stole Christmas is one the most beloved Christmas movies ever as well as the most hated. We have had many renditions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but Ron Howard’s is the craziest one by far. This is my holiday review, of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a loving Christmas tale that tells the story of a Grinch who hates Christmas so much that he decides to steal it. For many people in the town, the Grinch is a ghost, a myth, but to some very few unlucky people he is very real. We are first introduced to the Grinch as he goes around Who-ville having fun disrupting the holiday commotion. This is when we are also introduced to Cindy Lou Who, a small girl that is lost in the commotion of Christmas and does not understand the want for materialist things. When they first meet she reacts to The Grinch as any other sane person would, she screamed. But as time went by she became curious about who the Grinch is. She began to investigate why The Grinch is who he is. Through this investigation process, we learn the sad story of how the Grinch began to hate Christmas. In an act of kindness Cindy Lou Who decides to nominate the Grinch as an honorary person who deserves to be shown the Christmas spirit. The whole town came out to celebrate the Grinch’s rise to humility, but being forcefully stuffed to the brim with chocolate, pudding, and cake, the grinch remembers why he hates Christmas.

That night, the Grinch, filled with anger and embarrassment, began to scheme the naughtiest, and the craziest plan he had ever come up with. On that night of Christmas, The Grinch and his trusty dog Max planned to steal Christmas from the Whos. That night no gift was left untouched, every single Christmas cheer was stripped from the people of Who-ville. When the Christmas bells rang all the people of Who-ville woke to everything stolen. A town’s whose spirit relied on materialistic things was broken. The Grinch had won. Until all of a sudden, the town began to sing. But why? If all their presents were stolen? That night the Grinch’s heart grew back to normal, and he learned the true meaning of Christmas.

The Grinch is a character that everyone automatically thinks as being played by Jim Carrey. And why not? This one of Jim Carrey's most iconic role. Because of this, I don’t believe this movie would have worked if The Grinch was not played by Jim Carrey, here is why. Jim Carrey is a comedic genius, he has had roles in such iconic movies like Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and the Truman Show. Although in every film he stars in his characters are very distinguishable, they still hold an immense flavor of colorful humor. And if we are being honest, the Grinch's character before it was played by Jim Carrey was a bit more serious and not very crazy. This character was made for Jim Carrey to play. Without him, I don’t believe this movie would have worked.

Ron Howard (the director) has always had a rough career. He has made a few great movies, but also a few bad ones. Many critics cannot decide whether this is one of his bad ones or one of his good ones. But don’t worry that is why I am here, I want to put everyone's worries at ease. The true answer to this very famous question is… This is one of his bad ones. Don’t get me wrong I love this movie. But not because it is spectacular. I like this movie because it is fun, and every second of it is a Jim Carrey movie. But Ron Howard's vision is almost unnoticeable, this is a very basic story and the only thing that carries the audience through the film is the Grinch. Yes, this movie is entertaining, but that is because of Carrey, not Ron. I do not think Ron Howard loves this movie, and I wouldn't blame him. He has a very good list of films under his belt, and although How The Grinch Stole Christmas is not his best film, it is one of his most famous.

So, this holiday season if what you are looking for is a humor-filled film, then look no further. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a very iconic film that I am sure everyone has watched at one point or another. It is a family filled adventure that never stops making you laugh. Although there will always be another adaptation of the Grinch, this film is one that will be watched for generations to come. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

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