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ShortsTV Releasing Oscar Nominated Short Films in Theaters Nationwide February 8

The world’s only short movie TV network ( will showcase Oscar nominated Short Films with theatrical premieres of Best Live Action Short, Best Animated Short and Best Documentary Short categories on more than 500 screens across the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia on Feb. 8, 2019 as three separate theatrical events.

This marks the 14th consecutive year of the Oscar Nominated Short Films theatrical release. It is the only opportunity for audiences to watch the short film nominees in theaters before the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 24. A stunning showcase of talent and diversity of subjects, the annual theatrical event continues to gain popularity. In 2018, the Oscar Nominated Short Films earned over $3 million in worldwide box office gross, double the level from just two years prior. A solid indicator of the popularity of such formats.

“Short movies continue to be one of the most interesting and surprising filmmaking categories recognized by the Oscars every year,” said Carter Pilcher, Chief Executive at ShortsTV. “Truly some of 2018’s most diverse filmmaking is represented in the short film categories this year. The live action and documentary nominees tackle hard-hitting subjects that are bringing headlines around the globe, while the animated shorts are inspirational as well as hilarious.”

The nominees’ countries of origin range from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, China, and Spain to the U.S. This year the U.S. leads with the most shorts nominations (Four Documentary Short Film nominees’, One Live Action Short Film nominee, and Three Animated Short Film nominees). Furthermore, several films focus on Asia or are from filmmakers of Asian descent. And an additional interesting fact is that there are five women directors included in this year's short film category. That's a great showing of diversity of all kinds, which is much needed in the current ranks of the Academy.

Additionally, ShortsTV will release select Oscar nominated short films via the major digital platforms and cable providers on February 19. The films will also be available on cable via the industry’s Movies on Demand (MOD) platforms as well as satellite VOD platforms, such as iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, Vimeo On Demand and Google Play, DISH, Cablevision, AT&T, Google Fiber, Spectrum and others. Such distribution should insure a wide audience, indeed. A fact short filmmakers will especially enjoy, since the Academy has for years been suggesting an elimination of the category all together. Where the industry expects to get budding filmmakers is a question which helped secure inclusion.

For a sneak peek at the 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films program, please visit:

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