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John Williams and the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl

Legendary film score genius, John Williams will conduct the Los Angeles Philharmonic in an extraordinary event March 5, 2007 featuring the cinematic work of two of the world’s most prominent directors, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg - who will be in attendance as special guests.

John Williams, the acknowledged master of film music, will present a tribute to the legendary Bernard Herrmann (Vertigo, Psycho), hosted by Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, The Aviator) as well as a look inside the legendary Spielberg/Williams collaboration, hosted by Steven Spielberg (ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind). Classic film clips will be shown on a big screen as Williams and the Philharmonic accompany some of the most memorable moments in film live.

In addition, the maestro will demonstrate the process and techniques of film scoring for the audience. To illustrate the work put into the actual task the Bowl will first run a clip from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade without music. Then Williams will lead the audience through a discussion, which will reveal the secrets of a technique known as “Spotting” a scene. Finally, the scene will be run again, but this time accompanied by the scored music performed on the spot by the live Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Talk about a great night out in Hollywood! Entertainment and education all in the same place for one great price. I urge you not to miss out on this opportunity. After all, you never know when these three great movie legends will all be in the same place again if ever. And of course, the LA Phil is not to be missed. Especially on a nice evening in tinsel town. I can practically feel the star dust descending upon me now.

Tickets for this unique concert are on sell to the public now at the box office Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6:00pm, or on-line through

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