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Peter O'Toole Live from the TCMFF

It’s the second week of April, 2012 and that means the TCM Classic Film Festival is starting in just a few days! As a sort of lead up to this year’s festivities the classic cable network is airing a very special conversation with legendary actor, Peter O’Toole Wednesday, April 11 at 5PM (PST). Recorded LIVE at the 2011 Festival, Peter O’Toole: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival offers the home viewing audience an opportunity to sit in on a one-on-one conversation between O’Toole and venerable TCM prime-time host, Robert Osborne in front of a hugely admiring audience made up of TCMFF attendees.

I attended the festival last year, and was a part of the audience for the O’Toole film, Becket. Hand selected by O’Toole as one of his personal favorites of all his films, I felt compelled to see it. That, and the award winning actor was going to be there in person. To say the least, it was marvelous! The discussion after the screening was moderated by TCM weekend host, Ben Mankiewicz (I suppose to keep both Osborne and O’Toole fresh for their scheduled talk later the same day), who couldn’t have been more charming as he spoke with a man he clearly admired. O’Toole too was simply delightful, spinning yarns about his on (and off) screen adventures.

What was perhaps most notable was how the mega-superstar waxed so fondly of his own accomplishments, as if he couldn’t believe it was a life he had lived. His own excitement about his career really electrified the live audience, and I have no doubt his conversation with Osborne was no less thrilling. I’m sure that same electricity will translate through a television, making every viewer feel just like I did - like I was witnessing something truly special and unique.

The one-hour special will precede an airing of one of my favorite O’Toole films, A Lion in Winter (with Katharine Hepburn and Anthony Hopkins) followed by an encore of Peter O’Toole: Live From the TCM Classic Film Festival. Then TCM will air fan favorite Lawrence of Arabia, and The Day They Robbed the Bank of England. That’s an incredible lineup featuring an incredible star. I highly recommend you catch as much of it as you can. With the spirited O’Toole as your guide, it should be, to quote O’Toole directly from the special, “a great adventure."

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