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Hitchcock Retrospective at Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC

Starting Friday, the 18 and continuing through the end of May the Carolina Theater of Durham, NC will be presenting many of the most popular films of director Alfred Hitchcock, beginning with Rear Window. Use the image to the left as a link to the complete schedule of films, tickets and directions.

There’s nothing like a bit of Hitchcock to bring some thrills into your life, particularly if it comes from a large screen in a darkened movie theater. Say what you will, there’s just nothing like watching classic cinema in a classic setting. So if you’re in the vicinity of Durham, NC be sure to take advantage of the next two weeks and see as much Hitchcock as you can. Especially if you’ve never seen these particular films by the master of suspense (use image above for a complete list). Seeing any one of the scheduled films for the first time on the big screen will be a thrill in itself.

Each film in the lineup will show more than once, and planned for varying times to allow for the greatest access for audiences. In other words, if you miss your favorite pick at 2:00P on one day you can always catch it again at 5:00P on another and so forth. That’s pretty clever planing. And other than including one of the master’s early silent films, the retrospective offers a nice variety of fan favorites. From the smart and sassy mystery/romance of The Lady Vanishes to Hitch’s last production, the lively and comical Family Plot. Each one has a personality of its own and yet maintains the unmistaken signature of Alfred Hitchcock.

I particularly recommend making a day of it on one of the weekend days. Five films are set to play between 1:00 and 11:00P Saturdays and Sundays. Just be sure to establish a good meal plan (you’ll need something more than theater candy to sustain you) and bathroom breaks and you’ll be set. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend, but then I am a bit of a classic film fanatic. Anyone who’s like minded will know exactly what I mean and not think twice about it. We’re easy to spot. We’ll be the ones seated in our favorite seats with a large soda and popcorn and a satisfied grin on our faces. Join us and find out how it feels.

The Carolina Theatre is located at 309 W. Morgan Street, in downtown Durham, NC. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting vibrant, thought-provoking film and live performances that contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of its community.

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