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Singin' In The Rain on the Big Screen Across the Nation!

Turner Classic Movies is once again presenting a beloved movie classic to audiences all across the country. This July 12 you can see Singin’' in the Rain on the big screen, remastered and looking better than ever for its 60th Anniversary. Tickets on sale June 8!

Working with NCM Fathom and Warner Bros., TCM is following up its successful screening of Casablanca with what can arguably be considered the greatest musical of all time. And just as with Casablanca the event will begin with an original TCM production featuring the network’s venerable primetime host Robert Osborne. This time Osborne conducts an exclusive interview with the film’s star Debbie Reynolds. The specially produced program takes audiences behind the scenes as Reynolds shares memories of working with the Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor.

And then there’s the main event itself. If you haven’t seen Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity. There really is nothing like seeing a great film presented as it was intended - in a darkened theater on the silver screen. Once you have you’ll understand why there’s just no substitution when it comes to musicals. You’ll have the sensation of believing there’s a lot more space for everyone to dance around in, and suddenly you’ll notice things you never saw before, just because the image is so much larger. There’s really nothing like, I don’t care how big your TV is.

Whether you see it alone, with that special someone or with your friends and family I urge you to get your tickets now. Many theaters sold out for Casablanca, and you don’t want to be one of those left out of the Rain (heh, heh - get it?). All screenings are schedule to be held at 7:00PM local time, and some theaters will offer matinees. All you have to do to find a theater near you participating in this special event is connect to the official site. Punch in your zip code and it will show you your options.

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