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TCMFF Road to Hollywood Winding Down

The 2013 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival is less than two weeks away and that means there are only a few more stops left on the special ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD tour leading up to opening day. Don’t miss your chance to see a great classic film in your hometown theater! With special guests!

Here are your final chances to join Turner Classic Movies as they present the last two stops on the Road to Hollywood tour. Just as in past years the classic movie network is bringing the experience of the TCM Classic Film Festival to 10 cities in North America. Or I should say has already brought to eight cities and will be bringing to just two more. Each screening is presented by a TCM host and a special guest directly related to the film being presented - which usually means a classic big name Hollywood star, and in this case classy as well. The tour has already played such classics as Forbidden Planet, Metropolis, Rio Bravo, Royal Wedding, South Pacific, and Cabaret with stars from each film and hosting duties shared by Ben Mankiewicz, Robert Osborne and Leonard Maltin. Just look what they have planned for San Francisco and Albuquerque!

The next to last stop is Tuesday, April 16 in San Francisco, CA. The glorious Castro Theatre will be host to a special presentation of the 1963 version of The Pink Panther. The curtain raises at 7:30P, but the conversation to be held between venerable TCM host Robert Osborne and the always vibrant and dashing Robert Wagner is scheduled before hand, so don’t be late. In fact, secure your tickets now (click here for FREE tickets) and show up early in order to be sure to get your seats as close as you’d like to be to an actor who has worked with many of the biggest names that have ever appeared on the silver screen. No kidding, Wagner has worked with them all. To be near him is to experience a more glamorous age of Hollywood.

Then on Thursday, April 18 at 7:30P the tour finishes up at the Kimo Theater in Albuquerque, NM. This time Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie will be up on the big screen (click here for FREE tickets). TCM’s other well known face, Ben Mankiewicz will be hosting the evening with the film’s star Tippi Hedren. Always a fan favorite, Hedren tells the behind the scenes tales Hitchcock fans want to hear. And who better to tell them than a star discovered and created by the master of suspense himself. And its free! What more could you possibly want from TCM other than free tickets to the big festival itself? You never know, maybe they’ll give away tickets at the screenings next year, but until then if you’re a classic film fan then I think what’s planned is an evening you shouldn’t miss.

After all, this is your chance to watch movies the way that they were meant to be seen, on the big screen! It’s not like going to the festival itself, but if you can’t make it out to Hollywood it’s a close second. Maybe we’ll see you in Hollywood next year. I’ll save you a seat.

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