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Classic Film Screenings Continue at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A recent (mis)announcement on the radio got me thinking about Cinespia and their screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and how much I love what they do. I am certainly not alone, as this summer’s crowds suggest the annual program has become an LA summer staple. Not too long ago I heard something rather shocking during a weekend events announcement on a local radio. As part of the promotional spot for the summer screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery the female host quipped that this would be Cinespia’s last year hosting the annual series, so (and I loosely paraphrase here) “one better catch them while one still can”.

I immediately questioned what I had just heard. I was so befuddled I instinctively reached for my Tivo remote so I could go back 8 seconds and re-hear the announcement. Then I remembered I was listening to just regular old radio and couldn’t do that. Certainly I had mis-heard. I must have mis-heard. After all, Cinespia hadn’t been making a big deal out this season. I mean, not to the extent that one would expect from a last season. And why would there be a last season - ever?! People love going to these screenings that take place under (and above) the Hollywood stars.

I later went to the Cinespia website (the above image is a link) and found nothing that made any mention of a final season. This did nothing to quell my anxiety. In theory they could be trying to down play the situation for some reason or another. Fortunately, they have a contact page complete with a real email (not just a message board) that allowed me to send off an inquiry. And much to my surprise I received a near immediate response. As it turns out they were just as surprised to hear of any such possibility as I was. The phrase uttered by the pre-recorded events hostess was not true. In fact, the folks at Cinespia planed on continuing screenings at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery forever, or until the end of time - which ever comes first. I personally hope that day will never come.

After talking me down from that ledge, the correspondent assured me that they would find out about the possible miscommunication at the radio station and straighten things out. I admit that I may have mis-heard (but I don’t think so). I suppose I should have known it just couldn’t be true. One things for sure though, and that’s that my passion for the Cinespia screenings has been re-ignited, and I encourage all you other devotees to take advantage of these unique events for as long as you can. And if you’re not a devotee you need to check out a screening for yourself and discover what all the fuss is about. It’s a fun-filled atmosphere that encourages early arrivals and massive picnicking. It’s a summer night you won’t soon forget, and one you’ll want to revisit as often as you can.

You can start with this weekends screening of Caddyshack. This perfect pick for the Cinespia crowd is a fun and frivolous comedy. It’s essentially a Chevy Chase vehicle from when the SNL alum was in his prime, and includes such comedy legends as Bill Murray, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield, and features a scheming gopher who matches wits with Murray. The battle is epic and the results are hysterical. I promise you’ll never look at a grounds keeper, or golf caddy the same way again. For a complete schedule and to find out more about Cinespia just use any image as a link to their website. Which according to my recent contact should be around for a very, very long time. Whew!

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