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Cinefamily Silent Movies

When was the last time you saw a Silent Movie? Have you ever seen one? Here in Los Angeles there are actually quite a few organizations that honor the old art form, and the Cinefamily is one of them. Housed at The Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax, Cinefamily collaborates with many organizations, especially the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to bring an ongoing series of artfully chosen feature films from all corners of the pre-sound era to the public.

The films presented are often ones rarely screened theatrically, and quite possibly are not even available on DVD. Curated by actual film archivists and Silent Movie Theatre newsletter publishers Brandee Cox and Steven Hill, the program showcases a wide variety of early cinema in the best formats available for each presentation. The idea is to make such films accessible to the public, including films of all eras regardless of format or lack of certain innovations that are now common place. After all, a film by any other name is still a film. The list of past presentations have included such memorable works as The Freshman with Harold Lloyd, Flesh and the Devil with Greta Garbo, Our Modern Maidens with Joan Crawford, Erich von Stroheim’s Foolish Wives and F.W. Murnau’s The Last Laugh.

Now on the second Saturday of every month, get ready to receive The Silent Treatment. The Silent Treatment showcases a wide variety of early cinema for film lovers with an enthusiastic and adventurous spirit. For breaking news on what films/special guests will be on tap for future shows, check out TST’s Facebook fan page! In addition, get the lowdown on all your favorite silent stars and filmmakers with TST’s bi-monthly digest, available for free download at the Silent Treatment website! (or use image above for link to the latest screening information).

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