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Screwball Comedy is Often Misunderstood

Every classic film fan has heard of the Screwball Comedy. No doubt we all have a favorite, but can we accurately describe what it is that defines the genre? I was recently contacted via Twitter by @AQuickFortune regarding Screwball Comedies. That is, regarding their web series (link) produced in homage, or more precisely in a style of what they interpret the genre to be. I do not claim to be an expert in this area, but I have noticed that this particular genre, next to Noir, is the most mis-understood in classic cinema.

Now, I appreciate what A Quick Fortune has done, but is it Screwball Comedy or more like a SitCom? The producers themselves describe their production as being inspired by he 1930s/40s genre of screwball comedy, suggesting a cross between Bringing Up Baby and I Love Lucy, the birth mother of modern television comedy. You can use the image above as a link to view an episode of the web series and see for yourself and then decide. Is it on target or did it miss the mark? And does it really matter? Upon viewing you’ll immediately see there is an obvious appreciation for the Golden Age of Cinema and old Hollywood, which has inspired the creation of something that tips its hat to that magical era. And that is something I can always support.

So, the makers of A Quick Fortune thought their production was something that would interest my readers and they wondered if I'd share the series via social media, my website or even by way of a review. Sure, I can do that. However, I don’t think I’ll do a review. I watched an episode of the series and found myself torn. Now, I’ll admit that I’m a much stricter critic than others when it comes to trying to recreate a bygone film style (Noir, Silents, Gangster), so I’ll refrain from offering a less than generous opinion on what is obviously a work of love, inspired after attending a series of screenings at the British Film Institute honoring the Screwball Comedy. A Quick Fortune has received recognition at the London Rolling Festival, and are being interviewed in Vintage Life Magazine and on a major Irish radio station tomorrow! So, there you go. I don’t know everything.

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