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The Roosevelt Hotel is Home During the TCMFF

I just spent four days, well nights really, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This was my second visit. I stayed there for the TCM Classic Film Festival last year as well, and since I had really liked my room I requested it again for this visit. Luckily, I got it. Opening the door to my personal, quiet haven was just like coming home. This sensation fits in perfectly with the whole persona of the festival as a whole.

If you love classic films it is hard not to love the architecture and décor of the Roosevelt. Like the El Capitan, the Egyptian, and the Chinese movie theaters the hotel has the opulent feel of another era, one that typifies the Golden Age of Hollywood. Walking amongst the hallways, the decades fall away and I half expect to see famous faces from long past decades on the stairs or in the lobby. There’s also the timeless sense of value, of the desire on the part of the staff to see that your every need is met, and your stay is a happy experience. Without exception the staff of the Roosevelt made me feel treasured. How could I not like that?

And I am so glad the 2015 TCMFF made optimal use of the pool venue this year. Although I missed out on the opening night screening of Grease, and the Friday night presentation of The Party, I did see the natural disaster film, Earthquake under a starry sky beside a shimmering swimming pool. The upgrade to the screen and sound – which was not bad to start with in my mind – made it all the more enjoyable. I hope TCM continues to show movies at the pool each of the first three nights of the festival. Among other things it means that those attendees who are not so fortunate as to be staying at the Roosevelt can have a taste of the experience I so enjoy.

Naturally, I made the request at check out for the same room next year. The nice young man said they cannot promise, but they would try. That is what they said last year and it worked out fine so I have great expectations. The Hollywood Roosevelt was a definite lead player in my enjoyment of the TCMFF. It all gets better and better; bartenders that give you the perfect drink you asked for, a quiet room and a good bed, the front of house restaurant, 25 Degrees that serves you quickly and with a smile (love those hamburgers), and room service that shows up quickly with a beautifully presented snack. I am planning to stay at least a day longer next year, maybe two, so I can luxuriate a bit longer before and after my delightful binge watching of films I have always loved and films I have just fallen in love with.

Long story short, I had a wonderful time. And I expect to again and again, every year I attend the TCMFF. As long as TCM continues their tradition, I’ll be able to continue mine.

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