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The Frank Darabont Collection

The Frank Darabont Blu-Ray Collection includes a 15th Anniversary Edition of The Green Mile, a debut of The Majestic on Blu-Ray and fan favorite, The Shawshank Redemption. The collection will be available February 24 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Frank Darabont may not be a prolific filmmaker, but what he has produced is an impressive trio of acclaimed films. The Collection includes two of the most successful titles in the Warner Bros. library, one of which is The Green Mile. This 15th Anniversary Edition of the two-disc set includes vintage bonus features plus a new high-def documentary feature, Walking the Mile with Tom Hanks, Darabont, Stephen King and Mr. Jingles the mouse. This exclusive first-person “making-of” documentary feature was shot on location in Tennessee, North Carolina and Los Angeles.

Then there’s Darabont’s signature movie, The Shawshank Redemption, which is a moving portrayal of the friendship between men under the harshest of circumstances. A particular favorite of mine, this film stars the Academy Award winning actor Tim Robbins and Academy Award nominee Morgan Freeman. In what can easily be considered one of the great “bromances” of all time Robbins’ character bonds with Freeman’s as the two serve long sentences in the Shawshank prison. Both Shawshank and Mile received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, while Shawshank received a total of 7 nominations and Mile 4. However, neither film earned any statues or other award recognition. This is particularly shocking when one considers how beloved these two films have become over the years.

And there’s The Majestic starring Jim Carrey. Although it’s a stylistic homage to Frank Capra, I’m not a particular fan even though it holds the same nostalgic qualities that make the first two films so endearing to audiences. The Blu-ray set is handsomely packaged with iconic images from the three films and is specially priced at $29.99. You should see it available on the street by February 24, but pre-orders have been available for a month.

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