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Hollywood Forever Cemetery to Screen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetery summer schedule is already in full swing and they’ve got a hell of a great classic lined up Saturday for the fun-loving, outdoor screening, under and above the stars type of movie-goer.

Start off your 4th of July weekend Saturday night with an open air presentation of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. Projected on the side of the famed cemetery’s gigantic mausoleum wall, you can snuggle up with your summer love with a couple of blankets and enjoy a picnic while watching one of the greatest films ever made (check out the Commentary review). If you’ve never seen this great classic before then this would be a great way to see it for the first time. It’s just like a Drive-In, and so much more.

If you’ve never been to the cemetery before be sure to get there early so you can walk around and get a good look at all the famous old time names buried along side your viewing area. If you’ve got a good eye you’ll be sure to spot the final resting spots of Tyrone Power (a beautiful park bench), John Huston (a flat to the ground marker) and you can’t miss Douglas Fairbank’s reflecting pool - it’s simply stunning. A little harder to spot is the headstone for Mel Blanc (not too far from Huston), the obelisk memorializing Hattie McDaniel (look for Joey Ramone’s bust), and the tomb (if that’s the right word?) for Valentino (hint: he’s behind the wall you’ll be watching the movie on).

Once you’ve participated in this uniquely LA experience you’re likely to make it a regular summer ritual for the whole family. Just remember you’re there to have fun - the crowds are not the most polite or quite filmgoers. And remember, as a courtesy to other movie-goers: no tall chairs. Be sure to bring those enough blankets to keep warm as well as to sit on, and all the picnic fixings you can carry or lug in a rolling cooler.

If you’d like to receive email notices of future screenings join the official Cinespia Mailing List by going to You can also view the July Calendar at And of course, the film society has a Facebook page at, and you can follow them on Twitter at

If you go Saturday night you’re likely to see me outside the gate before hand handing out cards to my website and interviewing people in line for a future article I’m writing. If so, don’t be shy. Be sure to say “hi”. The first five people who do get a special pass to the Magic Castle. Hope to see you there!

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