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Hollywood Bowl Hosts Live Movie Trivia

The Hollywood Bowl is a one of a kind venue that offers a wide range of events throughout the summer months. Included in the schedule are movie sing-a-longs, composer tributes and this end of the summer season movie trivia quiz game.

I’m a big fan of the Hollywood Bowl and it’s Summer programming. There’s just nothing like spending a Summer evening out in the open, enjoying the festive atmosphere of the truly unique Hollywood landmark. Add the challenge of a trivia game, a bunch of old movie clips accompanied by iconic music and you have an ideal classic film experience.

This Sunday, over the Labor Day Weekend, join the American Film Institute as it combines forces with the Bowl for the presentation of a unique event. Jeopardy! stalwart, Alex Trebek will host this one-of-a-kind Movie Night, testing your film and music knowledge of some of the greatest American films from every genre and decade. Trebek will perform his usual duty of posing the questions and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra will answer via music while the corresponding classic film clips are projected on the big screen. It’ll be just like one giant bar trivia game.

There are still plenty of tickets to be had at most prices. You can go to the official website (link) to see exactly what’s available, but you really can’t go wrong with any seat for an event like this one. Just be sure to bring a cushion to sit on and a warm blanket to bundle with later in the evening. And don’t forget the picnic supplies. You can bring anything you like into the park, including alcohol, but if you prefer (or just forget something) there are a variety of options available inside the Bowl itself. Some of the more expensive seats even include table service.

However you do it, and wherever you decide sit you’re sure to have an extremely enjoyable evening under the stars while you celebrate the magic of the movies in the heart of old Hollywood itself. You’re even bound to learn a thing or two about some of your favorite films. That’s what I’m most looking forward to - more ammunition for my trivia arsenal. Can’t ever have enough.

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