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TCMFF on One by One Tickets

Don’t get me wrong. I love Classic Films. Why else would I go to a Classic Film Festival? I have been attending the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival as a Single Ticket buyer since it’s 2nd year in 2011. In my opinion the festival has always put together a great program of films to see. They do a wonderful job of combining fan favorites with rarely seen gems. It’s much like the programming on their channel, but even more so and on the BIG screen.

There are also lots of Classic Film Stars who walk the red carpet and who attend screenings with discussions and sometimes Q&As led by TCM Host favorites and other worthy experts and scholars. If all that weren’t enough, this festival is held in the very heart of Hollywood where you get to experience the glamor and glitz and grit of Hollywood on it’s famous boulevard as you make your way between the world famous Chinese Theatre for screenings on one side of the block and the historic Roosevelt Hotel for special events and discussions on the other side. That’s all fantastic and what we all buying our tickets are expecting. But I have to admit that what I love most about the TCMFF is not the films, but the people I meet.

And you meet people - lots of people. The people who attend this Film Festival are some of the most diverse, friendly and genuine people you’ll ever come across. They come from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds, with different tastes and interests and professions. The great uniting factor is the love of Classic Films. Whatever else they might be in their day to day routine lives, the social guards are down and we are all one; accepting of each other, and even eager to share this thing that sets us a part from other mortals - the love of Classic Films.

As a Non-Pass Holder (I purchase my tickets individually for each film) I spend a lot of time in line, and hanging out waiting for my opportunity to get into a film after all the Pass Holders get their shot. Last year there were some problems for even the Mid-Level Pass Holders to get into their first choices. But thankfully, the Festival seemed to iron out these troubles and all went smoothly with the very rare shut outs this year. I found my picks this year blissfully easy to get into, but the system rightly still requires you to wait your turn in line with strangers till you can be seated. The difference with this group of strangers is that we all know we have a few things in common, so the ice is easily broken. In fact, I find that most ‘strangers’ in these lines just can’t wait to chat about what they’ve seen, what they’re about to see, what they plan on seeing later and why. We’re all interested in learning something new from a fellow follower of Classic Cinema, and we get excited for someone who is being introduced to this type of movie-going experience for the first time.

I go to these screenings more often than not on my own, but thanks to the camaraderie found while waiting in line, I rarely sit alone once inside the theatre. I often find a few new friends to share my popcorn with (I can never eat all of it by myself) and once or twice helped others finish their Raisinettes. Then we’d say good bye, part ways and sincerely wish them well and feel that we had just shared something important with another human being: our leisure time. I love that about this festival. You are instantly among friends - quirky, odd, funny, diverse intelligent, thoughtful, insightful friends who share a passion. You are no longer alone in the dark, and you never will be again.

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