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Lady in Waiting for the TCMFF

Last week in August and the weather is great. Wish I could relax and enjoy it but I am waiting. Waiting for a reasonable bid from a contractor to do the remodel and addition. Sadly, the wonderful young man who was to have done the job suffered a major return of a brain tumor and suddenly passed away. That was nearly six months ago and the search for a reasonable replacement – someone I can relate with, that doesn’t talk down to Little Old ladies (me), who see my vision for my little house on its way to becoming a larger more user friendly home for my age and physical condition has gone on and on. Mr. Blandings had it easy.

I have a great lead and he is drawing up a bid. He said two weeks. So, I wait. I'm also waiting for my new phone to arrive. There has been little to no cell reception in my neighborhood until very recently when a new tower went up. Not my server of course and so I am taking the opportunity to replace a five-year-old phone and up date, sort of. They said two weeks. I feel like Tom Hanks alone on that island only I don’t even have a volleyball to talk to. It is going on four weeks and still I wait.

I am also waiting for the Turner Classic Film Festival to announce its 2018 dates. I have been harassing the reservation people at the Hollywood Roosevelt because I cannot open my mind to staying elsewhere. They cannot take the reservation until the dates are fixed and made public. I have been checking my email for the announcement slightly more than hourly. I have repeatedly tried the online reservation and the phone desk. The answer is always the same. “The rooms you want are not currently available please contact us after the festival dates are announced.”

I love the festival, I love staying at the Roosevelt, so again, I wait. I am reasonable – generally. I am logical – on most occasions. I am patient – with a great deal of effort. Believe me, right now the effort is great. I do know that giving in to frustration is useless. I do know that all will occur eventually and on its own timetable, like having a baby. I just hate being in labor. Time to check the email – again.

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