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Save the AFI Archive

For 50 years, AFI has collected rare interviews and recorded Master Classes with the very artists who touch your life through the magic of the movies. You can help preserve these treasures for the next generation of movie lovers through a tax deductible donation. Join the American Film Institute with a gift of $60 or more and you'll be doing your part to protect a vital part of America's film heritage. And if you haven't finished your gift giving shopping for the holidays, here's a unique gift idea to help you with that task. What better gift can there be for classic movie fan than to contribute to the resources that will ensure that the heritage of the movies live on for many years to come!

Any gift that you give will go towards digitizing the last 1,000 hours of exclusive, rare footage at risk of deteriorating in the AFI Archive. Restoring video in the fully digitized archive is vitally important so that the wisdom of the masters not only lives on, but comes through crystal clear, and picture perfect. Sharing this valuable resource with young storytellers and moviegoers is essential to making sure that the lessons of the masters live on. There are many different contribution levels from which to chose, and every dollar counts. You can even contribute stocks, or set up a gift within your will. And payment options from credit cards to PayPal make it an easy process. But you only have until December 31 to make your tax-deductible gift, so don't delay. What we lose today can never be recovered once it is gone.

Naturally, AFI is a 501c3 non-profit. The famed and highly respected institution is dedicated to preserving America's film heritage, honoring artists in front of and behind the lens, and their work and educating the next generation of storytellers.

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