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Sound and Moving Image: Family Day Workshop at the Academy

Families with children ages 7-13 are invited to attend a special Family Day at the Academy. Gathering at the Pickford Center, families will learn about the history and technology of sound and the moving image, and their parallel roles in storytelling through hands-on activities.

At the first station, they will explore the early days of broadcast radio storytelling and the development of film talkies (films synchronized with sound). There are opportunities to operate authentic sound-effect equipment and become "foley artists” themselves as they create their own sound to picture using a variety of surprising materials.

Moving on to the the second station, children will become “mini-Archivists” by learning the basics of the film medium through the handling of film strips, learning to inspect their technical and content attributes, making film tear repairs through the hands-on use of film equipment, and the usage of a 35mm optical sound reader to playback photochemical film soundtracks.

The third station allows families to experience the thrill of sound to image in all its glory with the Academy’s restored 1917 Fotoplayer. Families have the chance to see and hear the incredible sound effects and musical accompaniments of the Fotoplayer while watching early silent films projected overhead.

After a complimentary box lunch, families will move into the Linwood Dunn Theater for a theatrical experience of sound and moving images. Film composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Inside Out, Zootopia) will demonstrate how music impacts the emotional landscape of moving images. Families will witness in real time how different musical choices influence how they experience a scene. The day ends with some classic shorts, to experience sound-to-picture with a whole new sense of appreciation.

This program is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

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