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The Karate Kid is 35 and Coming Back to The Big Screen

Fathom Events brings the iconic film, The Karate Kid back to theaters nationwide this Spring on March 31 and April 2. The event is in celebration of the film's 35th anniversary. These special screenings will be followed with an all-new 4K ultra HD Blu-ray release later the same month, which includes a retrospective introduction featuring Ralph Macchio (The Outsiders), William Zabka (Hot Tub Time Machine) and Martin Kove (Rambo: First Blood Part II).

Get ready to sweep the leg, because Daniel (Macchio) is coming back to face off against Johnny (Zabka). One of the biggest hits of the legendary blockbuster summer of 1984 (that included Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Star Trek III, and Purple Rain), The Karate Kid stars Macchio, along with Noriyuki “Pat” Morita (Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actor), and Elisabeth Shue (a future Best Actress nominee). This coming of age story left an indelible mark upon American pop culture. All because a young kid from New Jersey, living in Encino meets a martial arts master. He learns there is more to karate than fighting. Vital lessons, taught by Mr. Miyagi, will be called into play when an outmatched Daniel faces Johnny. The irreparable foe is the skilled leader of the Cobra Kai, which is a vicious gang of karate school bullies, who Daniel must face in a no-holds-barred karate tournament for the championship of the Valley. Sounds cheesy, but this plot line really works!

Director, John G. Avildsen (director of Best Picture winner, Rocky) created a fan favorite that has been popular ever since its initial release. And now audiences (old and new) can experience the movie's enormous spirit on the big screen. And the theatrical presentation includes a sneak peek of the upcoming season two of the YouTube series Cobra Kai. If you're a fan of the film, then you must see this continuation of the story of the two adversaries as they live today. It's truly a great show, and addictive to watch. I encourage you to catch up with season one now!

The critically acclaimed TV series recently landed on many of the “Best of 2018” TV lists, won Rotten Tomatoes’ TV Drama of 2018 category, and exceeded 50 million views on YouTube. There is a new rivalry between opposing dojos is born after the new Cobra Kai’s controversial win at the All Valley Championships. In the aftermath, Daniel open his own karate training school, Miyagi-Do, in honor of his mentor Mr. Miyagi. What was once a personal feud between Daniel and Johnny escalates beyond their differences to engulf their students and children. And as teenagers, of course they are already challenged to figure out who they are and who they want to be. Which path will they follow – Cobra Kai or Miyagi-Do? However, the choice it not so simple since Johnny is trying hard to be a better man, but his notorious past creates some tough obstacles.

Following its big-screen return, The Karate Kid will debut on 4K Ultra HD, and feature a newly mixed Dolby Atmos audio track as well as the original stereo and 5.1 audio mixes. In addition the impressive bonuses are an all-new anniversary "featurette" Remembering The Karate Kid, with reflections on the film from Macchio, Zabka and Kove. Other great bonus materials are a

“Blu-Pop™” Pop-Up Track featuring pop-up trivia, a commentary with Director John G. Avildsen, Writer Robert Mark Kamen and Actors Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita, The Way of the Karate Kid multi-part making-of featurette, Beyond the Form featurette,

Life of Bonsai featurette, and the theatrical trailer.

Tickets to the national screenings of The Karate Kid are available now -- both online at and at participating theater box offices.

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