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Kodak Super 8 Filmmaking Workshop

Join Kodak presenter Norwood Cheek at an upcoming Super 8 filmmaking workshop at the Deep in the Heart Film Festival March 28 - 31 in Waco, Texas. The workshop happens March 30 at 1:30 p.m. and costs $10. It's the perfect experience for an experienced filmmaker looking for something different, or those getting into the art of filmmaking for the first time. Get a brief overview of the medium and get hands on with Super 8 filmmaking.

This Super 8 filmmaking workshop will cover a brief history of Super 8, and then focus on using Super 8 film today - discussing (and showing) films and music videos, what film stocks are available, finding and choosing the right camera and info on the new Kodak super 8 camera. Info on post production - from processing to hi-rez scanning or home transfer options. The hands on event will last around 90 minutes, as each attendee will get a chance to shoot with a super 8 camera loaded with a FREE cartridge of super 8 film.

Cheek’s passion for filmmaking began when he was 15, making in-camera edited Super 8 short films. He combined his love for film with music and began shooting and directing music videos primarily on Super 8 and 16mm. Over time, he has directed more than 80 music videos for such artists as She & Him, the EELS, SuperChunk, AFI, Ben Folds Five, French Kicks and Squirrel Nut Zippers. His films and music videos have won numerous awards and have screened at festivals around the world. His resume also includes running the Flicker Film Festival in Chapel Hill and Los Angeles from 1994-2010, writing the Flicker Guide to the World of Super 8 filmmaking, and running the annual Attack of the 50 Foot Reels held at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles.

Cheek has led Super 8 filmmaking workshops at festivals, art centers, museums and universities around the world – focusing on youth and student outreach including: Sheffield England Doc-Fest, Aspen Shorts Fest, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, UCLA, UC-Irvine, the Hammer Museum, Splice This! in Toronto, Cucalorus in Wilmington, Corto Metraje in Mexico City, Blinding Light in Vancouver, Othercinema in San Francisco, Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, the Silverlake Film Festival, Echo Park Film Center, Brussells Super 8 Group, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Raleigh Art Museum, Technology School of the Future in Adelaide Australia, the ArtsCenter in Carrboro, Objectifs in Singapore, and Cambridge Super 8 Group. That's a lot of workshops. Too bad he's such a slouch.

If you have any interest in Super 8 then I urge to to check out this interesting workshop. If you're in town and you miss your opportunity to learn from such a devoted filmmaker, even if you're not one yourself, you'll regret missing this unique opportunity to glimpse at what goes into the art of making movies. What film fan wouldn't enjoy that?

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