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The Essential Fellini Collection Released by Criterion 11/24

The fifteen-Blu-Ray special edition box set includes fourteen films from the maestro of Italian cinema, and two books of essays, notes and more. The collection gathers all of Fellini's major works together for the first time. And on Blu-Ray! Use the image below as a link to a trailer.

One hundred years after his birth, Federico Fellini still stands apart as a giant of the cinema. The Italian maestro is defined by his dualities: the sacred and the profane, the masculine and the feminine, the provincial and the urbane. He began his career working in the slice-of-life poetry of neorealism, and though he soon spun off on his own freewheeling creative axis, he never lost that grounding, evoking his dreams, memories, and obsessions in increasingly grand productions teeming with carnivalesque imagery and flights of phantasmagoric surrealism while maintaining an earthy, embodied connection to humanity. Bringing together fourteen of the director’s greatest spectacles, all beautifully restored, this centenary box set is a monument to an artist who conjured a cinematic universe all his own: a vision of the world as a three-ring circus in which his innermost infatuations, fears, and fantasies take center stage.

Criterion has created the Essential Fellini Collection in honor of the great director's 100th birthday. The box set brings together fourteen of the director's most imaginative and uncompromising works, including Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award winners Nights of Cabiria, La Strada, Amacord, 8 1/2, and Academy Award nominees I Vitelloni, La Dolce Vita, Juliet of the Spirits, and Fellini Satyricon. Alongside new restorations of the theatrical features, the set also includes short and full-length documentaries about Fellini's life and work, archival interviews with his friends and collaborators, commentaries on six of the films, video essays, accompanied by two lavishly illustrated books with hundreds of pages of notes and essays on the films by writers and filmmakers, as well as dozens of images of Fellini memorabilia. CLearly, this is a fitting tribute to the man known as the maestro of Italian cinema!

If you're interested in this collection then you already know, or at least suspect, that Italian director, Federico Fellini is one of the most highly regarded filmmakers in the history of cinema. With twenty-seven credits to his directorial resume, this original talent made his name creating some of the most original stories the screen will ever know. His unique perspective on art, life, and the universe translates to the screen in such stunning images and compositions that the style itself has become sigularly identifiable as, "Fellini-esq". If this is how you also feel, then this is the ultimate collection for you.


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