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Classic Films in Movie Theaters

The classics are best viewed as they were intended: on the big screen. It’s not just an elitist opinion; there is a logic to the preference. Filmmakers of yesteryear had no idea movies would ever be presented other than by projection on a large screen in a theater. With that in mind, every shot was composed to fit the format.

As screens grew in scale to suit wide screen formats composition became more elaborate and specifically designed for the final presentation. Today, filmmakers make allowances in framing to suit multiple formats knowing that the product will eventually end up on many types of media. But an older film (or “classic movie”) can only realize its full value when projected on a screen. Seeing it any other way is truly a compromise.

Surprisingly, there are a great number of venues that cater to the classic film fan, including multiplexes, film societies and museums. The Theaters mentioned in this blog represent some of the possibilities.

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