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TCM Offers Big Discounts on Classic Movies

I love my classic film collection. I’ve been buying copies of my favorite films since they began releasing titles on VHS. And I’ll admit, many of these old and worn precious favorites have yet to be replaced by modern technology. Some, because their titles have yet to become available on anything other than VHS, and others because buying DVDs can be pretty costly. In order to keep expenses in check I always have my eye on the lookout for bargains. So, when I do find a good deal going on I like to take full advantage of it. And this month I found a good one.

Until July 31st, has hundreds of DVDs on sale for less than $9. The prices actually range from $6.99 to $8.99, so there’s no exceptional steals here. However, there are a lot of well-worth titles available on the list I haven’t seen anywhere else for less, if at all. Stanley Donen’s Charade is a particular favorite of mine I’ve been dying to replace for ages. But as much as I love the film and would like to lessen the girth of clutter on my shelves, I just can’t stand paying full price for something I know will go on sale somewhere some day. And now that day is here! Yeah!

In addition to the Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn suspense thriller I plan on picking up a few more desired favorites including an early John Wayne romantic Western, Angel and the Badman, the screwball classic My Man Godfrey, and the William Powell, family comedy, Life with Father. You’ll want to get at least four of these bargains, cause then you’ll get free shipping too. But if you’re like me that won’t be much of a problem. In fact, at these reasonable prices it’s likely I’ll stock up on a lot of my gift purchases for the year as well. Man, I love a bargain!

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